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    Chair-based exercisesMy experience of working within exercise referral has driven my passion of adaptive exercise to improve the possibilities for everyone to benefit from exercise. Unfortunately those people that do not exercise usually have a misconception on what it is all about. Ever heard of the saying ‘No pain, no gain?’ Many steer away from starting exercise because they believe they are too unfit, their balance is not good enough, they have painful and/or stiff joints. The thought of exercise makes them fearful, will exercise cause further discomfort, sound familiar?

    A research study carried out by Later Life Training looking specifically at the benefits for older individuals and found the following:
    Regular exercise improved strength, flexibility, balance, ability to perform everyday tasks as well as decreasing depression, body fat, arthritic pain and the risk of falls. The benefits of exercise can change an individual’s life, consider anything is better than nothing, be as active as you can as often as possible.

    There are many types of exercise available, Chair-based is one! Within Chair-based exercise there are many classes as more and more people realise the range of benefits. Locally you will find Chair-based exercise varying in intensity, content and focus. Classes may be specific to cardiac rehabilitation, over 50’s, mobility and strength or falls prevention. Chair-based enables you to exercise safely and effectively, the chair offers your back support, beneficial if you have back problems, sitting down means the weight your body has to bear is reduced which is important if you have poor balance or arthritic pain.

    When you first start movements will be small, gradual improvements will lead to an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and confidence will grow. The body is designed to move and it will start to move with more ease. The muscles will get stronger and the breathing will get easier.

    The chair-based exercise classes will benefit you physically but the social contact will be so empowering, being able to interact with likeminded individuals, having the security of a specially trained exercise instructor offering adaptive exercises to suit you will improve the whole exercise experience and the realisation that exercise is fun, enjoyable and for everyone.

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